What do we do?


Now you’re probably wondering “What can we do about the shortage of nurses?”

Well, one thing you can do as a nurse is try your best to cope with the shortage. Every nurse knows exactly what you’re feeling right now, and here are some useful tips according to Nurse Together:

  1. Start with your most important assignment first. Whoever needs the most intensive care should be first priority, and so forth.
  2. Utilize the unlicensed staff that can do little things for you, such as weighing a patient.
  3. Work on being a better team player by working more effectively and efficiently together.
  4. Get the family of patients involved, by having them help with patient care activities.
  5. Last, but not least, try your best to maintain a positive attitude.

Nurse.com says that by improving access to education, we might be able to recruit more individuals into nursing programs. Increasing diversity in the field and repaying students loans for students who go to work in under served areas, might also help resolve short staffing issues. Personally, I think we need to reach out to more people, especially younger individuals, and discuss why nursing is such a great career path. From traveling nurses, to research nurses, there are some many different types of nurses and specializations to choose from. Educating people on all the possibilities of work in nursing will help open their eyes, and maybe more will consider the career path. Another important thing that I believe that can be done is offer more tuition assistance to nurses who further their education, in a specialization that is particularly understaffed.


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